In the space of two or three generations,
enormous stretches of the ‘Judaeo-Christian tradition,’
so often invoked by educators but so seldom taught in any form,
have passed into oblivion.” — Christopher Lasch

If you are a Christian professor who agrees that the university today is often

a diffuse, shapeless, and permissive institution that has absorbed the major currents of cultural modernism and reduced them to a watery blend, a mind-emptying ideology of cultural revolution, personal fulfillment, and creative alienation” (Lasch, 151)

and if this concerns you enough to act, you might do what a group of Christian university professors (and friends) did in 1997: found a Christian college. Convinced of the need for a new kind of institution of higher learning, they established Augustine College as a deliberately small, non-denominational school to teach the history that both created Western civilization and then hastened its ongoing unraveling.

Augustine College is an opportunity for dedicated students to study the basic foundations of the Western intellectual and cultural tradition in the context of the enduring truth of the Christian faith. In so doing it equips students going off to university with key ideas once counted essential in the formation of Christians.

What concerns the body is called medicine;
what concerns the soul is called education.” — Augustine

Two programmes of 4 months each cover developments in philosophy, science, literature, art, music, and the history of Christianity. The College offers an enhanced and fairly intense learning environment in which students study the same thing (including courses on Scripture, a classical language, and logic).

Augustine College is a small and vibrant community of thinking, orthodox Christians committed to discipleship in the life of the mind – an island in which we attempt to restore the integrity of intellectual and spiritual life.

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Christopher Lasch, The Culture of Narcissism (1979), 150-51