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R.R. Reno on “otherizing” others

A writer for the New York Times wrote about the habit of “otherizing” other people – “people of a different faith, race, nationality, or sexuality – and [turning] that other-ness into a threat.” R.R. Reno – soon to be Augustine College Weston Lecturer – shows what this really is

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‘Sexualityism’ (or, the guy with low morals is now the government)

Why would the Obama administration alienate Christian Americans by requiring them to fund the provision of contraception, which people object to because it kills formed human beings? Why force this thing on the country? It seems it has a lot to do with sex.

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“Without the Book”

Allan Bloom was an atheistic philosopher. The book he refers to here is the Bible although he acknowledges that other great books produce other and different societies, but what made the West was the Bible. Bloom was one of the first to realize that the removal of the Bible from school produces a culture in which the history channel is the peak of intellectual life for most families.

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