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Question 1 | Does a right to same-sex marriage mean the redefinition of marriage?

“From this day forward, there is no more gay marriage and straight marriage. In America, it’s just marriage now.” – A question about this.

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Where will you stand as the new ‘civil rights victory’ cleans up ‘injustice’?

Now that the same-sex marriage issue has been resolved with “a victory for America” there is only one question left to answer. Do you agree that those Christians (et al.) still defending the traditional definition of marriage should get the treatment of the losers in an historic win for civil rights. That is, the treatment of bigots – because that is what the Supreme Court has declared them to be: deniers of human rights. And how, actually, will you defend your position?

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What does it mean to care for a patient in today’s world?

Would you like traditional or modern care? – You may not have a choice.

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Is it a duty to care or not?

If a human being might be killed by our actions, what obligation do we have? And how much of an obligation is it? And how firm should we be about it? – Let’s look at the basics. The answer Canadians give to this is one of the things that makes Canada a decent country.

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Do you smell smoke?

What does it tell us, that a number of things now happening in Canada would only a short time ago have seemed the idiosyncratic fantasies of people (we all know some) with hyperactive imaginations?

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Prostitution: another job?

In that there is no law condemning it, prostitution is legal in Canada — but to say that is to talk as if the law has actually condoned it. In fact the law has been against it, making almost everything around it criminal. Now those prohibitions will all be gone by December 2014. As they fall from the books, will Canada take any stand against prostitution or just let sex become another commodity?

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Is ‘respect for identity’ a fundamental value?

Supreme Court Justices have said that in an accepting society like Canada you can’t accept gays and reject gay conduct — the “identity/practice distinction for homosexuals and bisexuals should be soundly rejected.” What about Christians? Should they be accepted along with their conduct (such as their tendency to claim that the gay life is man’s way vs. God’s way)? A famous consitutional lawyer says no. — But does this really make sense?

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