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What does it mean to care for a patient in today’s world?

Would you like traditional or modern care? – You may not have a choice.

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Old & New Covenants in Medicine

When a patient says ‘I want to die’ is that what he means? Purveyors of contractual medicine simply listen to the patient’s words; they take such laments as a request for services. But are they? Aren’t patients saying, ‘Tell me I am loved, I am needed, and that my life has been worthwhile. Tell me that I am not a burden.’

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“Without the Book”

Allan Bloom was an atheistic philosopher. The book he refers to here is the Bible although he acknowledges that other great books produce other and different societies, but what made the West was the Bible. Bloom was one of the first to realize that the removal of the Bible from school produces a culture in which the history channel is the peak of intellectual life for most families.

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