“Radical progress” in love


What is sadder than what we are told about how human beings can make moral progress by ‘smart’ magazines like The Atlantic Monthly. What hope is more threadbare than the hope held out by these degree holders, “senior fellows,” and Pulitzer Prize finalists.

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“Healthier lives for all”


How our politicians have offered to help with the problem of the humanities -- the drag on the economy that results when able-bodied and bright-minded young people study things like philosophy, history, religion, and literature. ‘Literature? Philosophy? What are you going to do with that?!’

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Prostitution: another job?


In that there is no law condemning it, prostitution is legal in Canada -- but to say that is to talk as if the law has actually condoned it. In fact the law has been against it, making almost everything around it criminal. Now those prohibitions will all be gone by December 2014. As they fall from the books, will Canada take any stand against prostitution or just let sex become another commodity?

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Is ‘respect for identity’ a fundamental value?


Supreme Court Justices have said that in an accepting society like Canada you can't accept gays and reject gay conduct -- the "identity/practice distinction for homosexuals and bisexuals should be soundly rejected.” What about Christians? Should they be accepted along with their conduct (such as their tendency to claim that the gay life is man's way vs. God's way)? A famous consitutional lawyer says no. -- But does this really make sense?

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Greater Than Great Books…


The question may now be solemnly asked whether it would not be better to forget about most of our existing colleges and universities and plan new institutions that would undertake the overwhelmingly important task that the colleges and universities have given up.

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Dying with Dignity


I have a strong suspicion that the reason people have gravitated to the label 'Death with Dignity' (leaving it at that) is that it is very hard to say what kinds of undignified death are really to be avoided. It seems like a movement to avoid not so much undignified death as the kinds of death that people do not want: a movement to let people take control of the conditions of their death. But 'taking control of how people die' doesn't have the same ring as 'dying with dignity' - doesn't quite cry out in the language of rights.

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