Question 1 | Does a right to same-sex marriage mean the redefinition of marriage?


"From this day forward, there is no more gay marriage and straight marriage. In America, it's just marriage now." – A question about this.

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Where will you stand as the new ‘civil rights victory’ cleans up ‘injustice’?


Now that the same-sex marriage issue has been resolved with "a victory for America" there is only one question left to answer. Do you agree that those Christians (et al.) still defending the traditional definition of marriage should get the treatment of the losers in an historic win for civil rights. That is, the treatment of bigots – because that is what the Supreme Court has declared them to be: deniers of human rights. And how, actually, will you defend your position?

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How good is the CPSO’s solution?


The new policy of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, says the CPSO, "protects patient rights ... while also respecting physicians’ right to freedom of conscience and religion." Does this policy show an understanding of what conscience is, so that it could, in fact, respect it?

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What does it mean to care for a patient in today’s world?


Would you like traditional or modern care? – You may not have a choice.

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R.R. Reno on “otherizing” others


A writer for the New York Times wrote about the habit of "otherizing" other people – "people of a different faith, race, nationality, or sexuality – and [turning] that other-ness into a threat." R.R. Reno – soon to be Augustine College Weston Lecturer – shows what this really is

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Can ‘Canadian niceness’ see itself?


"My Canada is beautiful ... its greatest qualities being open-mindedness and freedom of choice." – Can an open-minded person be the opposite of himself? Some open-minded people, insistent that there are no absolutes to which they can commit (thus their adamant open-mindededness), might lack the awareness to notice that in reality they are the people who are quite ready to trample on others.

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